A luxurious classical-contemporary line characterizes Vinnal Production products, which is a summary of three simple, basic concepts: originality, authenticity and uniqueness.  Our aim is to offer full solution for the products what either You or Your internal designer has designed. Starting from solid wood entrance doors, solid wood interior doors, solid wood fireproof EI-30 doors, solid wood stairs,  furniture, wall paneling,  profile baseboards until wood carving.                       

Vinnal Production products are made from prestigious materials (incl. exotic hardwood) and the high quality artisan finishes, which are the result of continuous research, are in harmony between art and technology. The decorations found on the products celebrate deep emotions and primitive feelings, trough the combination of color used. These are unique pieces, which are able to incite the warmth of luxury and form timeless moments. The atmosphere created by the fashionable products and accessories are perfectly suited to the most demanding of clients. In fact Vinnal Production customers enjoy the idea of lifestyle and looking to personalize their own homes and spaces. Our products can be found both in medieval buildings and modern day design houses. 

For price inquiries please e-mail us sales@vinnal.ee More information: Tel. +372 66 70 522, +372 54 50 13 77